Madagascar Adventure

17 Days To Discover The South And The East Of Madagascar

This tour will take you on an adventure through the South and the East of Madagascar, where you will explore diverse landscapes, wildlife and culture.

You will start in Antananarivo and fly to Tulear, where you will drive to Isalo National Park, a stunning area of canyons, waterfalls and natural pools. You will then head to Ambalavoa, a town with colonial charm and a nearby eco-tourism project.

From there, you will drive to Antsirabe, the main town of the pousse pousse, and then to Andasibe National Park, home to the Indri Indri, the largest lemur.

You will then take a boat ride along the Pangalanes Channel, a network of lakes and canals, to reach Palmarium, a nature reserve with many species of lemurs and plants.

You will also have a chance to see the elusive Aye aye at night. Next, you will take another boat to Mahambo, a beach town where you will catch the ferry to Sainte Marie Island, a former pirate haven with beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

You will spend three days relaxing on this island before flying back to Antananarivo, where you can explore the capital city and its markets, palace and history.

You will then depart for your flight back home after 17 days of unforgettable experiences.


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