Madagascar Adventure

13 Days To Discover The East And The North Of Madagascar

Join this 13-day tour of Madagascar and discover its east and north regions. See lemurs in Andasibe, kitesurf in Diego Suarez, explore tsingy in Ankarana and relax on Nosy Komba.

This is a 13-day adventure tour of the east and north of Madagascar, where you will experience the wildlife, culture and landscapes of this diverse island. You will start in Antananarivo, the capital city, and then drive to Andasibe National Park, home to the largest lemur, the Indri Indri. You will also visit the Vakona domain, where you can see different species of lemurs and crocodiles. Next, you will fly to Diego Suarez, a former pirate port with a rich history and stunning scenery. You will enjoy marine activities such as kitesurfing and whale watching in the Sakalava bay. Then, you will drive to Ankarana National Park, where you will explore the unique rock formations known as tsingy and the underground rivers. Finally, you will take a boat to Nosy Komba, a paradise island with sandy beaches and snorkeling opportunities. You will also visit Nosy Iranja, an eco-lodge island where you can see dolphins and whales. You will end your tour in Nosy Be, where you will fly back to Antananarivo.


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