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Where to go, what to do while in Zanzibar.


Best known for leisure sports activities such as Kite-surfing, Paje is a must stop place for any adventurous reveler. The beach town is situated on the southeastern part of Zanzibar; characterized by soft sandy beach and a beehive of economic activity.

It’s a great place to visit if you enjoy swimming in the ocean but also interacting with other travelers. There’s a good selection of bungalows, small restaurants, and beach bars. Paje is one of the better areas on the island to go if you are interested in learning how to SCUBA dive, or practicing other water sports like windsurfing or kite surfing.


  1. Snorkeling:

Spend a day on a boat trip and swim in the in the warm crystal blue Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is one of East Africa’s most popular snorkeling destinations filled year-round with an abundant amount of colorful sea life.

  1. Kite Surfing

Paje is ideal for kite surfing, with its waist deep turquoise warm waters, stretches of pristine white beach and tropical winds.

  1. Scuba diving

Considered a Scuba diving heaven, Paje is home to thousands of flourishing species of marine life. Explore the warm Indian turquoise waters, coral reef and sandbanks where you may find Sea turtles, Blue Spotted Rays, Schools of Barracuda, Lion Fish, Moray Eels, Tuna, Sailfish, Angelfish  among a few. Whale sharks and humpback whales migrate through the waters twice a year and witnessing pods of dolphins is incredibly common.



  1. Sea Fishing

Take an adventurous tour to the deep Indian Ocean where you’ll have the opportunity to catch big game fish like Marlin, Barracuda, Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and more.

  1. Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest Reserve is one of the largest mature forests in Zanzibar where you are guaranteed to see troops of habitualized Red Colobus which is unique to Zanzibar and one of the endangered species of its kind.