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Where to go, what to do while in Uganda.


Though it is one of the newest National Parks in Uganda, having been gazetted in 1993, Semuliki is dominated by the eastern most extension of the great Ituri Forest of the Congo Basin, which is Africa’s most ancient and bio-diverse forests.

Semuliki National Park sprawls across the floor of the Semliki Valley on the remote, western side of the Rwenzori. The park is dominated by the The Semliki Valley contains numerous features associated with central rather than eastern Africa.

For game viewing tours, the park has got over 60 mammal species and more than 400 bird species for bird watching safaris. The park’s dominant mammal species include forest buffaloes, leopards, hippos, Mona monkeys, water chevrotains, bush babies, civets, elephants, and the pygmy flying squirrel.

Attractions/ what to see and do

1. Birding
Excellent bird viewing sites at Sempaya and Ntandi enable the viewing of these incredible birds like white-crested hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, piping hornbill, yellow-throated nicator, great blue and ross’s turaco. The close quarters of Lake Albert are always associated with the great shoebill stork. Water birds can also be tracked during forest walks.

2. Cultural Tours
The park offers the local community – The Batwa opportunity to display their culture to visitors through music and dance performances at Ntandi. In addition to this, they also produce beautiful handcrafts for sale.

3. Game Drives
Game viewing is an amazing activity to undertake here with 53 species of mammals recorded at the park. Primate safaris are also done to the presence of eight primate species including red-tailed monkey, Vervet monkey, blue and De Brazza’s monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, black and white colobus, and Chimpanzee together with over 300 butterfly species.