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Where to go, what to do while in Uganda.


At just about 33.7, Mgahinga is arguably the smallest national park in Uganda. It picks its name from the reference term ‘Gahinga” a local word for piles of volcanic stones.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park was specifically created to protect the rare mountain gorillas and is also home to the endangered golden monkey.

It consists of a lush, tropical rainforest at the base of three (3) distinct Virunga Volcanoes, part of the Virunga range that lies along the border region of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

Attractions/ what to see and do

  • Guided cave walks at the Garama cave that is 342 metres long and 14 metres dep.
  • Hiking and mountain climbs at Mt. Gahinga, Mt.Muhavura and Mt. Sibinyo
  • Birding in Mgahinga:

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is blessed with a unique bird fauna; 79 bird species have thus far been recorded within the park, including several species endemic to the East Congo Montane region.

  • Gorilla Tracking

Mgahinga’s most exciting and memorable activity is tracking the mountain gorilla in thick jungle. The park has one habituated gorilla group (Nyakagyezi) which is visited by tourists. This consists of 11 members; 2 silverbacks, 3 adult females, 4 juveniles and 2 infants.

  • Golden monkeys tracking

Mgahinga National Park offers the chance to track the golden monkeys (Ceropithecus Kandti) sometimes referred to as a distinctive race of the more widespread blue monkey C.mitis)

  • Other activities include Nature trailing at Batwa and Culture tours among the indigenous hunter-gatherers of Batwa.