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Gombe Strip National Park is located in Western Kigoma region of Tanzania, on the Northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika near Tanzania’s border with Burundi.

At just 52, Gombe is a tiny strip of land recorded as the smallest national park in Tanzania. However, its size does not; in any way limit its popularity, having gained most of its popularity through the woks of researcher Jane Goodall in the 1960’s.

The area is famed for the habituated chimpanzees. With proven similarities of close to 98% to humans, the chimpanzees create a feeling of understanding with visiting travelers. The landscape of the park is one to behold; with steep valleys, streams and rivers. Its vegetation changes from tropical rainforests, alpine bamboo to grasslands similar to that of neighboring Mahale Mountains National Park.

Access to this park is relatively easier compared to most other parks with air- chattered landing possible in Kigoma.

Attractions/ what to see and do

  • Most activities around this park are around:

    Chimpanzee tracking and walking safaris to swim and/or get glimpses of the amazing Lake Tanganyika