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Where to go, what to do while in Rwanda.


Lake Kivu is Africa’s sixth largest lake and forms part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley covering a surface area of 2,700sq. Km. It dominates the border between Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo with a maximum depth of 485 meters.
On the northern edge of Lake Kivu, lies Rubavu; once a colonial resort that boasts of a waterfront lined with fading old mansions, hotels, bars, restaurants and is a perfect site for sundowner cocktails.
Lake Kivu is one of the safest lakes to explore with no reports of existing hippos or crocodiles. Its tranquility is the best with irregular shores that run into each other forming peninsulas and frost-fringed waterfalls.
Not very far from Rubavu, you will find Karongi which is a popular beach resort with its hillsides covered in pines and eucalyptus.

Attractions/ what to see and do

    1. Nature Trail

    Rubavu, in the North, marks the beginning of the Congo Nile trail; one that extends 227 kilometers to Rusizi, south of Lake Kivu. Its journey through the hills and valleys gives one spectacular view to behold.

    1. Mountain biking & Hiking

    For adventurous visitors, and exciting way to explore this region would be by taking a hiking or biking expedient through its hills and valleys.

    1. Cultural tours

    Discover a little more about Rwandan culture and traditions during your visit. From songs and dance to food and their other ways of life.

    1. Bird watching

    Around the lake, be sure to be treated to a spectacular view of several bird species among them; pelicans, crowned cranes and the kingfisher.

    If you are a little more adventurous, you may swim in the sweet waters of Kivu and enjoy a relaxing sunbath thereafter.