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Where to go, what to do while in Madagascar.


Established in the year 1997, The Zahamena is located on the Eastern coast of the Island and is filled with rainforests making it one of the best destinations in Madagascar.

Apparently, Zahamena means ‘red trees’ which well explains the dominant tree species found in the park. It is referred to as paradise due to the lush forests and the wide range of wild life. The park has one of the biggest rain forests in the world and this alone makes it a good place to visit.


  1. Birding

Have the pleasure of seeing over 112 bird species including the blue couas, the paradise flycatcher and the rare Tyto Soumagnei one that has been declared as special protected species.

  1. The Natural pool of Bemoara

Fancy taking into the waters of the natural swimming pool of Bemoara, which offers paces of refreshing oasis.

  1. Wildlife viewing

With over fifty reptile species, sixty reptile species and 48 mammal species including 13 Lemur species, the Zahamena offers bliss for the eye though out the year for revelers.