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Where to go, what to do while in Madagascar.


Antananarivo, also known as ‘Tana” is the capital city of Madagascar. Set more than 1,400 meters up in the highland heart of the nation, the city boasts of a great history having served as the capital of the Hova Chiefs in the 17th Century.
The old heart of the city still displays some traces of French colonialism, with its elegant – if age-stained – Parisian mansions cascading down a hillside in the midst of the town.
Antananarivo stands on a hill, towered with elegant palaces built by the Imarina Kings dating back to 1794. Often overlooked by revelers, Antananarivo offers pomp-filled experience, full of charm, history and an incredible atmosphere.

Attractions/ what to see and do

  •  Historical sites
    Majorly a historic town, Antananarivo offers you a perfect info-tour. Visitors can easily access the streets, museums and other sites. While at it, do not forget to visit the ‘Rova of Antananarivo’ for a royal feel of the past.
  •  Explore variety of cuisines
    Antananarivo boasts of a vibrant dining scene. Thinking of an African themed breakfast and later a vintage European dinner then you have to make stops here during your African visit.
  • Nature vies & trails
    Antananarivo is situated along two main hillsides, which give it a perfect view. The landscape is adorably beautiful for the eyes.