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Where to go, what to do while in Kenya.


Malindi Marine National Park is situated in the South Eastern part of Kenya on the magnificent Indian Ocean coastline in Malindi town, about 110km North of Mombasa city. Established in 1968, The Malindi Marine Park and Reserve was the first marine protected area in Kenya and the region.


  • The Indian Ocean
  • Sea mammals and animals such as Dolphins
  • Different species of Fishes
  • Magical Island
  • Blue oceanic beach Sea turtles
  • Invertebrates
  • Corals
  • Marine life such as jellyfish, sea stars, crabs, corals, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.
  • Different varieties of coral species comprise of Acropora and Porites

Activities to do at the marine park include; 

Diving, swimming, picnics on the beach, nature walks, Boat Excursion rides Sea bird watching, Sun bathing and Snorkeling at coral gardens, dhow rides and barbecue camps are as good sport as wind surfing, and boat ride tours.

A visit to the Malindi Marine National Park without seeing the Vasco da Gama pillar is a tragedy of a lifetime.