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Where to go, what to do while in Kenya.


Established in 1990, The Arabuko Sokoke is only second to Congo when it comes to birdlife conservation in Africa. Sitting on 420km2 between Kilifi and Malindi, Arabuko Sokoke is the largest stretch of coastal dry forest remaining in the larger Eastern Africa.

It is gifted with several exclusive bird species enough to write an encyclopedia on. Rare insects including more than 200-recorded species of butterflies draw the attention of entomologists. At this park, game viewing is a bustle that awes any stickler for detail. The forest gives tourists memories of the fairy tales of Hansel and Gretel in nature walks but this should not worry you because the tracks are clearly marked.


  • Three distinct forest habitats; the mixed forest, The Brachystegia woodland and The Cynometra
  • About 270 bird species i.e. sokoke pipit, Clarks weaver and the Amani sunbird
  • Tropical forests
  • Wildlife such as The Golden ramped elephant shrew, bushbuck, Blotched Genet, Monkeys, aders Duiker among many
  • Reptile species such as snakes
  • Close to 600 different plant species

The activities to do at The Arabuko Sokoke include; Bird watching, reserve walks, camping, game viewing and cycling