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Where to go, what to do while in Kenya.


The Mount Longonot National Park is situated South West of Lake Naivasha at about 90km from Nairobi. It occupies an area of approximately 52km2. The park has a mountain, a forest, a mountain crater and a V – shaped valley as part of it. Mt. Longonot derived its name from a Maasai word – Oloonongot that “means mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges”. The mountain is a stratovolcano and it rises to 2776m above sea level.

Attractions/ what to see and do

  • Crater
  • Mount Longonot
  • Crater Forest
  • Extinct volcano
  • Scenic Landscape
  • View of Lake Naivasha
  • The Great Rift Valley
  • Bird species
  • Wildlife such as buffalos, gazelles, impala and giraffe

Best time to visit;

All year round; anytime