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Where to go, what to do while in Kenya.


At 3200m above sea level and about 175 km North East of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, The Mount Kenya National Park is one of the most visited in the region. It has two small salient areas stretching below 2450m along the Sirimon and Naro Moru tracks, flanked by the higher forest bamboo, alpine moorland and glaciers (tarns and moraines).

Accorded recognition amongst world heritage sites by UNESCO and venerated as one of the international biosphere zones in the world, the Park covers an area of 715km2.The name ‘Mount Kenya’ is actually adopted from the legendary snow capped Mt. Kenya (5199m), entrenched in the park. This is the second largest mountain in Africa and one that would make any mountaineer awed and intimidated by its steep peaks.
The park was established in 1949.


• Mt. Kenya; and Mountain Peaks such as Batian and Nelion
• Wildlife; elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bushbucks, water buck and Elands. Other animals that are rarely seen include the leopard, Bongo, giant forest hog and rhino
• Over 120 species of birds
• Lakes
• Forests
• Mineral springs
• Montane and alpine vegetation

Activities to do
• Walks through the park
• Game viewing
• Camping
• Cave exploration
• Mountain climbing

Best time to Visit
January to March brings hot and dry conditions, which might be the perfect time to visit the park. The September /October period is also dry but conveniently warm with freezing low temperatures at night.