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Where to go, what to do while in Kenya.


Lake Bogoria National Reserve is found in the Great Rift Valley. Established in 1970, the park sits on an area of 107sq km. Part of the Lake Bogoria National Park is Lake Bogoria.
It sits as a trough below the Ngendelel escarpment covering 32sq km of the total area. The lake is alkaline and hosts a number of the beautiful rose pink flamingos. The park is also home to over 135 recorded bird species. It is mainly grassland dotted with noticeable bushes. Another noticeable feature of the park is its Hot springs.

Attractions/ what to see and do

  • Lake Bogoria
  • Over 370 Bird species i.e. the Rose-Pink Flamingo, grebe, pranticole, hornbill and African spoonbill. This bird species include 50 migratory species
  • Hot springs
  • Wildlife such as buffaloes, Zebra, Cheetah, Baboon, Warthog, spotted hyena, Impala, Dik dik, the rare Greater Kudu and many more
  • Over 210 plant species
  • Escarpments

Activities include;

  • Wildlife watching
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping
  • Natural Spa Bathing within the hot springs