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African Adventure Specialists Covid-19 Protocols and Safety

We are pleased to advise that every African Adventure Specialists Ltd safari team have undergone CDC and WHO- approved certificate training courses on COVID-19 sanitation protocols, which include both academic and practical skills to ensure the highest level of care during your safari. And each destination carefully follows health and safety protocols approved by the World Travel & Tourism Council with the Safe Travel designation. In fact, Kenya lead the world in developing many of these standards which have since been adopted by other travel-minded nations.

The services of East Africa’s famous Flying Doctors are also included in every safari as part of African Adventure Specilists Ltd comprehensive Passenger Protection Program.

We will update this page whenever we get new information from the CDC, WHO and local governments. Your safari will operate at the highest levels of sanitation, hygiene, comfort and, as always, excellence.

Safari/Game Drives

On every East Africa safari, Our professional safari Driver Guide will keep you safe and delighted every step of the way.

  • Constantly cleaned vehicles.Our drivers ensure your vehicle is thoroughly sanitized between guest activities, such as sightseeing, game drives, and airport transfers.
  • Seating arrangement. We have purposley limited the number of people depending on the vehicle they are using.  An eight-passenger open-air vehicle to six guests, fulfilling our rule of thumb that all our guests are guarnteed a window seat.
  • Private vehicles are available on request.If you want your family or group to have a completely exclusive game drive experience, private vehicles are available at a surcharge.
  • Sanitation Kits, constantly sanitized.Our Safari Driver-Guides travel with their own sanitation kits that include touch-free thermometers, spray bottles with cleaning solution, alcohol-based wipes, disposable cloths, and lens pens to ensure regular sanitation of vehicles in the bush. The kits themselves are sanitized between game drives.
  • Sanitized soft drinks.Water bottles are washed and sprayed with sanitizer before being placed in the cooler, as well as in between drives.
  • Sundowners:  Sublime as always, safe in all ways. You’ll still enjoy exquisite sundowner cocktails at twilight on the savannahs and picnic lunches under ancient acacia trees — although we operate them a little differently than in the past. Each sundowner location is now limited to an even smaller and more intimate number of people. Chairs are spaced very safe distances apart and waitstaff wear face masks and gloves with minimal guest contact. Plus, sundowner snacks are individually wrapped for each guest.

Safari Camps and Lodges

African Adventure Specialists Ltd  ensures all the lodgings you visit during your safari not only meet and exceed government and industry standards, but demonstrate the very best practices in terms of social distancing and sanitization protocols.

  • Contactless check-in. All check-in documents are completed by our guide at every safari camp, lodge, and hotel you visit. Your merely have to sign the forms—using your own pen or one we provide, and your safari guide physically handles the paperwork for you.
  • Constant inspections and lodge revisits.We don’t just send our staff to inspect camps and lodges once a year. Our people are in those lodges on nearly a daily basis. And every camp and lodge abides by the highest standards: We don’t just rely on any given camp’s standards—we mandate compliance with African Adventure Specialists’s own safety protocols.
  • Lodge and camp public areas are rigorously monitored by our team.Among the hygiene and safety protocols we look for are proper social distancing in public areas, including lounges, bars, pool sides, dining rooms and other meeting places. We also scrutinize cleaning and sanitizing routines, luggage handling practices, staff mask policies, and “back of house” protocols.
  • Your lodge room or tent will also be serviced as much, or as little, as you like.And we will make those same arrangements with lodge staff at every stop along the way. But you can be sure that before you cross the threshold of any guest room, it will have been thoroughly serviced—and our Safari team will even personally check it out for you beforehand if you like.


Whether indulging in a private multi-course meal under the stars at camp or checking out a trendy neighborhood restaurant in the city, our safari team will be on hand to ensure your dining experience is not just safe, but spectacular.

  • Buffets modified or replaced with table service.Several of the lodges, camps, and hotels we use have some pretty terrific multinational buffets available. But we’re a cautious bunch, so wherever possible we’re having lodgings replace buffets with privately prepared or picnic-style gourmet boxed meals for our guests.